Fun for the mouth/Welcome bite

Pate – pork fat |  50 din
(pork fat with roasted onion, bread and red peppers)

Bruschetta | 50 din
(bread, cherry tomato, brined cheese)

Pate – Greaves | 50 din
(greaves pate with spring onion, bread)


Cicvara | 270 din
(traditional corn flour preparation,butterfat cream,cheese, roast bacon)

French toast by Dvor | 290 din
(French toast with sour cream, ham and cheese)

Gibanica | 310 din
(homemade dish, pita, with cheese and spinach, sour milk) 

Eggs specialties | 290 din
(omlette, fried eggs, scrembled eggs with various side dishes) 

Breakfast by Dvor | 370 din
(2 fried eggs, homemade sausage and cheese, champignon, cherry tomato and rucola)

Eggs Benedict | 470 din
(fried bacon on a toast with cheese, rucola, poached egg, sauce Hollandaise)

Cold appetizer

The Plain on Smoke

dried pork neck – 100 gr – 300 din

pečenica – dried pork rib eye steak meat – 100 gr – 340 din

smoked bacon – 100gr – 290 din

kulen – homade sausage – 100gr – 320 din

Prosciutto – Parma ham – 100gr – 350 din


cow cheese in olive oil – 100gr – 155 din

semi-soft cow cheese – 100gr – 155 din

kajmak – butterfat cream – 100gr – 220 din

parmesan – 100gr – 390 din

smoked cheese – 100gr – 300 din

mix cheese – 100gr – 450 din

Salad Meals

Crispy Chicken Salad | 650 din
(chicken breast, lettuce, corn flakes, sauce tartar, tomato, paprika)

Salad à la Chef | 750 din
(chicken steak, rucola, feta cheese, iceberg, lettuce, sweet corn, mushrooms, nuts, cherry tomato, red onion)

Ceasar Salad |  690 din
(lettuce, caesar dressing, boiled egg, echalot fried bacon, chicken in a crispy basket)

Squid Salad | 650 din
(mix of lettuce, cherry tomato, squid)  

Hot appetizer

Black risotto | 650 din
(Cuttlefish risotto with ink and parmesan)

Zuccini with cheese | 430 din
(grilled zuccini with cheese on rucola, olive oil)

Filled paprika coated in breadcrumbs | 460 din
(soft cheese, paprika, tomato salsa)

Coated cheese sticks | 490 din
(cheese, rucola, coctail tomato, sauce tartar)

Soup, chorba or potaž (cream chorba)

Homemade chicken soup | 240 din
(homemade soup with vegetables and noodles)

Beef soup | 260 din
(homemade soup with vegetables and noodles)

Veal chorba | 320 din
(traditional Ragu with veal, vegetables and sour cream)

Tomato soup | 230 din
(tomato, noodles and parsley)

Main Course

Dvor stew | 750 din
(baby beef stew by Dvor with pasta and cheese)

Sweet cabbage with baby beef  | 780 din
(baby beef, cabbage, potato)

Bean with „uštipci“ | 710 din
(bean chorba with doughnut-like fried dough)

Our Cabbage Roll – Sarma | 760 din
(mixture of beef and pork minced meat with rice in tomato sauce,
mashed potato and bacon chips, 3 pieces)

Local cuisine specialities

Grilled Serbian Simit | 910 din
(meat mix by Dvor, cheese, bacon, onion, butterfat cream, baked potato)

Turkey with „mlinci“ in cream | 970 din
(grilled turkey meat with „mlinci“ and smoked cheese dressing)

Steak Krsmanović | 1040 din
(„Zvezdara Teatar“ Belgrade restaurant special dish, pork steak filled with paprika, common mushrooms and bacon sauce, peas, sweet corn and carrot on butter, fried potato)

Tucked smoked meat | 1090 din
(pork smoked by Dvor filled with two kinds of cheese on stewed cabbage and baked whole potatoes with butterfat cream dressing)

Lamb | 970 din
(Roast meat on live coals or dishes under the
„sač“ lid – potatoes, lamb 350g)

Roast meat on live coals

by order pork 1kg – 1300 din
by order turkey 1kg – 1800 din

Dishes under the „sač“ lid

EVERY DAY veal 0,3 kg – 1270 din
by order rolled pork 0,3 kg – 910 din
by order turkey 1kg – 1800 din

Smoked duckling | 1610 din
(grilled smoked duckling with cherry and dry apricot sauce, peas puree and zucchini chips)

 Fiorentine steak | 1720 din
(Bistecca alla Fiorentina – beef meat 300g, grilled vegetables, potatoes with aromatic butter)

Local cuisine specialities

Karađorđevići | 950 din
(small Karađorđe pork steak, butterfat cream, tartar sauce fried potato and vegetables)

Ćevap in bun | 870 din
(meat mix by Dvor for Ćevap, bun, onion, butterfat cream, potato)

Steak à la Chef | 1050 din
(slowly fried pork chops with vegetable mix on butter,
aromatic mashed potato and Hollandaise sauce)

Leskovac „uštipci“ | 850 din
(gourmet meat balls with grilled paprika, fried potato and butterfat cream sauce)

Filled chicken brests | 910 din
(chicken brests filled with spinach, carrot and smoked cheese on grilled vegetables and spicy potato with dill sauce)

Veal ribs | 1310 din
(slowly roasted veal ribs in BBQ sauce, baked potatoes, iceberg salad, baked paprika, corn, sesame)

Rump Steak | 1310 din
(steak roasted with cheese, carrot puree, mixed mushroom sauce, Brussels sprout)

Dvor for two | 2050 din
(pork ribs, Leskovac „uštipci“, homemade sausage, bacon by Dvor, ražnjići/skewer on spiced potato with three kinds of cheese)

Smoked Ham | 890 din
(smoked ham, boiled potatoes, slowly cooked sauerkraut
podvarak and rhubarb sauce with sesame)

International cuisine specialities

Beef steak | 1550 din
(grilled marinated beef in paprika and pepper sauce, spiced potato, baked vegetable) – choose your dressing)

Wiener Snitzel | 990 din
(veal, spiced potato, panko bread crumbs, sauce tartar)

Chicken tagliata | 840 din
(grilled chicken brests, tagliata cut with dill sauce, boiled potato and baked vegetable)

Meat mix for one | 990 din
(bacon, sausage, ražnjić, ćevap, beef liver, uštipak, onion, butterfat cream, bun, no potato)

Ribs in kaymak | 940 din
(pork ribs in kaymak with aromatic potatoes)

Rolled Hasenpfeffer | 930 din
(marinated hare with tick carrot sauce, and potato and cheese gnocchi)


Hare gnocchi | 740 din
(hare meat, leek, pesto gnocchi)

Beefsteak tagliatelle | 780 din
(beefsteak, tagliatelle, tomato pelato, parmesan)

Chicken spaghetti | 730 din
(chicken meat, spaghetti, bacon, garlic sauce)

Fish specialities

Common Carp by Dvor | 890 din
(common carp, mushroom, tomato sauce and pasta)

Smoked Mackarel | 910 din
(smoked mackarel, broccoli, sour cream, potato)

Zander steak | 1340 din
(zander steak, potato, cherry tomato, garlic sauce)

Tuna steak | 1340 din
(tuna, rice, red bean, spinach, caper)

Children menu

Chicken sticks | 470 din
(coated chicken brests with potato and sauce tartar)

Chicken gnocchi | 470 din
(gnocchi, chicken brests, sauce, vegetables)

Tagliatelle bolognese | 470 din
(veal and pork meat in tomato sauce with pasta)


Međimurska gibanica/Međimurje pie | 420 din
(pie dough, breadseed poppy, cheese, walnut, caramel dressing)

Baklava | 250 din

Chocolate Fantasy | 290 din 

Cherry and apple pie | 190 din
(cruspy pie with cheeries and vanilla ice cream)

Kesten Pire | 270 din 

Homemade pancakes per piece | 110 din
(pancakes by the taste, rosa canina/dog rose – plum, cinnamon – apple)

Seasonal salad

Cabbage salad 180 din

Šopska salad 260 din

Mixed pickles salad 260 din

Sauerkraut 210 din

Tomato with cheese 210 din

Serbian salad 250 din

Lettuce salad 190 din

Baked paprika 195 din

Baked hot paprika (2 pc) 190 din

Paprika in sauer cream 260 din

Side dish 150 din

Spicy potato, boiled potato, baked vegetables, mushroom on butter, Tartar sauce, mayionaise, mustard, ketchup, kiselo mleko (soft sour cream)